Medication and other conditions requiring medical notification


FINA (Federation International De Natation Amateur) and the IOC (International Olympic Committee) ban some asthma medications because they contain anabolic steroids and/or stimulants and they require that all swimmers declare any asthma medication that they are taking. There are certain medications that are acceptable for the controlling of Asthma and it is important that the ASFGB (Amateur Swimming Federation of Great Britain) is sure that the swimmer is taking an approved medication and that they are using it for a legitimate purpose.


It is a requirement of the ASA that all swimmers who are registered to take part in open competition, and who take regular medication for asthma, complete a Medication Declaration Form. These forms are available from Club Secretary. Once completed they must be returned in an envelope marked ‘Notifiable Medication’ to the club secretary who will then forward it on the the ASA on your behalf.


In order to ensure that information is current the swimmer is required to complete a form each year even if the medication has not altered. A new form should be completed each time there is any change in medication.

In addition to this it is now a requirement of FINA that information is notified to the governing body regarding medical conditions regarding the permanent use of a banned substance where there is no other substitute.


Medical Condition



Insulin injection

Hormone deficiency of the pituitary or adrenal gland

Steroid treatment

Orthopaedic conditions

Intra-articular steroid injection

Juvenile arthritis


Behavioural problems


Renal failure



Following receipt by the governing body of a medical certificate, a dispensation to swim in competitions up to National Level may be given. Information will be issued on an individual basis including details for applying dispensation to compete in international competition which requires further approval by the FINA Doping Control Review Body.


Information on Asthma and the competitive swimmer is available via the ASA website:


Further information on banned substances is available via the drug information line on 0207 380 841 9530 or the website: