Market Drayton Newsletter    


Hi Everyone,


Well better late than never really, time seems to have gone so fast since Christmas and there just have not been enough hours in the day to put this together (I should be writing programmes!), and so much has happened since Christmas starting off with:


The fantastic presentation night at the Four Alls in January. A massive thank you goes out to Andi and Helen for the best presentation night we have had for a long time.  I need to take this belated opportunity to say how fabulous everyone looked having taken on the request to dress up for the evening. I am not sure how Alex and Chris will top that next time round but we will wait and see! It was a wonderful night and so great to see it so well supported by everyone – thank you


Then we rattled on into the counties, which have just been amazing this year, you have become a wonderful squad who have reaped the rewards of all your hard work, you came away with: -


 18 Gold Medals, 23 Silvers and 23 Bronze and when you realise we only had 33 swimmers competing overall; we even gained medals at the 50’s weekend and in the relays, somewhere in the region of 250 pb’s (sorry Debs and David). – Photos still needed…………for web page……….


We had two top boys: Andrew Viggars and Ian Martin – I think if my maths is correct Ian scooped about 7 of those gold’s, we also gained the following midland qualifying times


Midland qualifying times achieved


Alex Fraser

Rachael Kelly

100 front crawl


100 Front crawl


200 Front crawl


200 Front crawl


400 Front crawl


400 Front crawl


1500 Front crawl


100 Butterfly


100 Butterfly


100 Backstroke


200 Butterfly


200 IM




Rebecca Shelley-Hitchen

Stephie Henderson

50 Front Crawl


50 Front Crawl



Once again can I take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who swam so well. I must point out that a great many of the squad were swimming injured or ill so your gains are even greater than they actually appear.  To Carol, Catherine and Judith who gave up their weekends to stand on an extremely warm poolside, put up with me stressing and having the constant ear bashing, almost as bad as the “are we there yet”! Everyone conducted themselves excellently making our job so much easier. I also wish to say I am sorry for stressing on the 50’s weekend, but I did pre-warn the kids what I would be like and have already told the girls I am not doing next years 50’s I can’t cope with the stress!!!!!!


So now the work begins in earnest to chase those few times which have eluded some of you and we are away to Birmingham over the Easter weekend, then onto Wrexham and for a few off to Haydn Hill. All very close together, this means not much of a breathing space


Now to other things: - we have done two Crusader galas. Currently holding 3rd, just can’t seem to beat Winsford (there is now a link on Winsford website for the Crusader league results etc), I am sorry I don’t have the scores to hand for round 1, but round 2: Biddulph 125, MD 170, Winsford 183, Leek 184


Thank you to everyone for behaving so well, giving it their all, don’t forget we are at home on May 6, I will require some helpers for this so anyone out there who would like to please let me know. We have come away with pb’s in the following:


Ian Martin

100 IM


Rachael Kelly

50 Fly


Nathan Garrard

50 Fly


Rachel Mason

100 Back


George Lester

100 Back


Courtney Pickstone

50 Free


David Griffiths



Nikki Martin

50 Back

37.71 (relay split)

Jessica Rumney

50 Breast

55.94 (her fav stroke!)

Josh Brereton

50 Breast


Richard Grindrod

50 Back

41.88 (see told you!)

Andy Viggars

100 Breast


Steven Lloyd

50 Free


Libby Henderson

50 Back


Steven Lloyd

50 Back


Tom Plows

50 Back

42.06 (relay split)

Tom Plows

50 Free


Alex Fraser

100 Fly



We have gained a place in the “Diddy League”.  It has all been a bit of a rush and badly organised, we were accepted in and then tided into this season.  Some how information was not received so we will be forfeiting the first gala on April 8, but watch the board for round two, and yes we will require a coach. We have also been offered a place in the Speedo League; these take place in Oct, Nov and December.


The new Monthly pay scheme went live on April 1st and to all the committee who have tried so hard to make it as workable as possible, thank you.  We have had enough take up to keep the squad going – thank you from one very relieved Coach. We are of course extremely sorry to lose anyone off the membership list, and please do feel free to come back if you reconsider; you will always be welcome. Good luck to several members who are actually relocating to pastures new.


Training at Wrekin College (Sundays) is due to change from April 9 when we will be training from 6 – 8 p.m.  The training at Market Drayton every other Sunday has kicked off, we are there 4- 5 p.m. and we do technique work only – note it is only every other week.


More thanks to Andi for organising our very successful trips to Manchester (even though the second time around was fraught!) and for organising a very enjoyable and well-attended bowling and Quasar session in Shrewsbury – and yes the kids did get Justin back! How many chicken burgers was it???? Once again you all conducted yourselves excellently, which make for really enjoyable day out - come on Parents we are open to ideas and suggestions for some more places to take the kids


And I think that is it for now – Oh no one more very important item - everyone from the club wishes Judith a very speedy recovery,  Now I must write some programmes……